Monday, 1 October 2012

Sorting Photos

Well now, two posts in one day!!!  I've been looking through my old photos this afternoon and found some cards I never put on here.... (oops!!).  Soooo, here goes!!  This card was done for a friends birthday.  I used watercolour pencils on it.... a favourite of mine!!  I do love watercolour pencils for subtle colours!!

Now this one was done for another friend.... Sarah Kay stamps.... delicious!!  And those chicks.... simply gorgeous!!  It was coloured using whisper pens.

And the last one for now is a Sugar Nellie stamp belonging to my mate Melissa!!  I remember this one clearly because I see it every few weeks when I go visiting another friend!!  She's framed it and put it on the wall in the office!!!  (Well, she loves shades of orange and brown, and also loves her gardening!!  Once again it was whisper pens....

One day I'll invest in some 'proper' markers for birthdays, christmas and the like.... LOL!!  Until then, peeps will just have to put up with me hand written notes!!

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