Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Here's the FIRST one!!

Hi and welcome to my 'paper' blog!! It's all Melissa's fault.... if she hadn't set one up I'd have never have 'gottenaroundtoit'!

Here's a card I made a couple of weeks ago for a friend's 50th anniversary. Incidentally, 2 of the gold dots have 5 and 0 in burgundy on them!!

Stamp - Sarah Kay

Paper - K& Co and dovecraft (I think)

Card Candy

And I just remembered.... the reason for Pigmini is my mini has pigs on the outside of it!!  I love her, she's yellow with purple pigs and she's all mine!!!  Oh and her name is Pigmini.... it's written on her rear end!!  


  1. Oh YEAH!! Blame me why don't ya!!!. Love the image and in my favourite colours to, burgundy and gold - so where's mine? Now come on Sue, don't be tight with your craft love LOL!

    Mel X

  2. P.s. Where's the scrapbook layouts going?

    Mel X

  3. LOL @ Mel

    Wonderful card Sue and welcome to blogland.

    Joanne x